Saturday, 11 March 2017

Day 4 of 10 a day

Day 4 of eating 10 a day.  I can't believe it's already day 4.  It's been a challenge so far.


I have to admit I was completely fed up with so many fruits and vegetables when I woke up this morning.  I wanted variety so I went for some conventional low sugar breakfast cereal with 80g of chopped strawberries added (like the front of pack "serving suggestions" made to try and convince you the cereal is more healthy than it is.)  A disappointing one of my 10.


I had a quick snack of some grapes mid morning, another 1 portion.


Today I had a Greek salad.  I made it with 80g cucumber, 80g tomatoes and included 80g orange bell pepper as an extra vegetable, fitting in a mighty 3 portions.  I followed this up with a pink grapefruit for my dessert and some Stilton as a snack.


I was pretty full all day but for dinner I had some pan fried lamb steak with garlic and rosemary served with green beans, broccoli and peas.  With a portion each that took me to another three but my plate did seem full of vegetables.


I was still one portion short so had a portion of raisins and just made it to 10.

So today in total I had:
Breakfast - 1 portion
Snack - 1 portion
Lunch - 4 portions
Dinner - 3 portions
Snack - 1 portion

Total - 10 portions (4 fruits and 6 vegetables) and I feel very full.

So how do I feel?

It certainly made it more difficult only having one portion in breakfast.  Certainly a learning point.

There is something tiring about eating so many fruits and vegetables.  It does make you long on occasions for something different.  That said, I found myself less interested in cakes or chocolate today.  What you eat influences your gut microflora and a recent review suggests your gut microflora influences what you want to eat.  At the end of these 10 days it will be interesting if 10 a day no longer feels like a lot and masses of fruit and veg is in fact what I crave?

I hope you will join me in my journey, I will keep you posted by the day on how it's going and put links below so you can read more about my experience:

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10 a day, what did I learn?

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