Saturday, 25 April 2015

Yogurt and Berry Lollies

Lollies aren't just for kids!

Well it's almost summer... so I dusted off the ice lolly maker and had a go.   Frozen berries are a great and thrifty way to  make these.  The only thing is as they tend to be a little tart, they do need some sweetening.  Also you will find that when you freeze lollies the mix needs to be a bit sweeter than you would normally have it if you were eating it at room temperature so it tastes sweet when frozen.  The great thing is though that this contains loads of fruit and natural stuff.

Yogurt and Berry Lollies - Makes 6


120g, 4oz Mixed Berries, fresh or frozen
120g, 4oz Greek yogurt
1.5 tbsp Honey
100ml, 3.5fl oz Milk


Blend the ingredients together well.  Taste the mix, it should taste too sweet before freezing, add more honey if liked.  Pour into ice lolly moulds and freeze until solid.  (If you prefer you could sieve out the seeds.)

Unmould using a little warm water on the outside of the mould to loosen if necessary and serve.

I've just costed this using frozen berries using prices from a major UK retailer's food website and the cost per lolly is about 15p.  That's pretty good for 5 minutes work!


  1. I am making these tomorrow. They look wonderful.

  2. Oh wow - I love the look of these, perfect for the Bank Holiday weekend :) #weekendbloghop

    1. The question is, has the weather been good enough?!

  3. These look yum and are a fab way to use up fruit. Thanks for linking up with fabulouslyfrugal.

    1. It would be a great way to use up over ripe fruit.

  4. These are just what I needed - thank you! I made something similar the other day to try and get some fruit into my daughter but she didn't like it that much; I think it must have needed to be sweeter. I am going to make them again and put some honey and yoghurt in there too. Thanks so much for the tip about them needing to taste too sweet before they are frozen :) xx

  5. Thanks for sharing this delicious recipe on Weekend Bites! Find it on last week's features on Practical Parenting Ideas!


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