Monday, 6 March 2017

What's in season in March?

March, the hungry gap continues.  March is a difficult month for the seasonal eater, especially if you would stick only to UK produce.


This is a great time of the year for cod and cod is such a versatile fish.  I think the favourite way I've cooked it recently was in a bagna cauda dressing.  Bagna cauda should really be used as a dip but the rich savoury flavours of garlic and anchovy give a delicious umami depth while not overpowering the delicacy of the fish.


March is a great time of the year for citrus.

Grapefruit is delicious and cheap at the moment and a great way to eat it, rather than halved and squirting in your eyes at breakfast time, you can peel them like an orange or cut off the skin and take out the juicy fruit without the inner segment skin as well like I've done in this citrus fruit salad.


I am not quite as bonkers as this may suggest.  Yes, I am serious, everyone's least favourite weed is actually edible and at this time of year I'm reliably told the young shoots are at their best.  This is a new one for me and one I'm determined to try this month after years of saying I will.  Nettles have a fearsome reputation but once cooked, the "sting" is neutralised and you're left with a spinach like vegetable full of nutrients.

I'm planning a nettle risotto and nettle soup this month.  If it's successful, I will share my experience here!  If not, do call the doctor for me won't you?


  1. Definitely agree with the cod - that looks yummy
    When I first saw the nettles I was excited as I thought it was Cannabis (shows the lack of experience with drugs). Best of luck to make the risotto taste of anything... I still don't get the attraction of Cornish Yarg with the nettle blanket ...

    1. My plan is to give it a go later in the week. If it's a success I will blog it, if it's an utter failure, I'll just let you know and show you the nettle rash to prove it!


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