Friday, 19 June 2015

Halloumi Salad

Halloumi is the lovely cheese from Cyprus which is beautiful if squeaky in a salad.  Don't be put off by it's squeakiness, it's delicious and the kind of ingredient which makes meat eaters love vegetarian food.

This is early summer on a plate.

Halloumi Salad - Serves 1


100g, 4oz Halloumi
1/2 a medium sized courgette (zucchini)
1 medium to large tomato
40-50g, 1.5oz Asparagus, try to use local asparagus when in season (weight after snapping off the woodier ends)
Juice of half a lemon
1 tbsp Extra virgin olive oil plus further oil for frying
1 tbsp Fresh parsley, chopped
1 tbsp Fresh thyme, chopped


Use a vegetable peeler to peel very thin ribbons of courgette.  Put these ribbons on a plate.  Boil the asparagus for 2 minutes.

While the asparagus is cooking, preheat a ridged frying (grill) pan.  Chop the tomato into a large dice and top the courgette on the plate.

When the asparagus time is cooked, drain and toss in about a tsp of olive oil.  Put into the grill pan and fry for a few minutes or until marked with brown patches and lovely.

While the asparagus is colouring up, heat up a non stick flat frying pan.  Put in a tsp of olive oil and slice up the halloumi.

Fry the halloumi for a minute or so each side until browned.  While the halloumi is browning, plate up the asparagus and mix the herbs, lemon juice and tbsp olive oil.

Serve the salad topped with the halloumi and the dressing.

Believe it or not if you're organised you can make this in 10 minutes, I promise!  How good is that?

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  1. Looks yummy! Never heard of halloumi

    1. It's a popular cheese in the UK for vegetarian barbecue dishes. As I said it's originally from Cyprus but it was popularised here in the 90s I think?

  2. I like the squeaky sound it makes. I also like the idea of teaming it with asparagus

    1. I've only recently warmed to asparagus. Turns out I'd been overcooking it by a minute or so for years and thinking "what's the big deal?" So much nicer than I thought if you cook it right.

  3. I absolutely love halloumi, so tasty!

  4. I had halloumi for the first time a couple of weeks ago and I absolutely loved it. Bizarre texture, but the flavour was fantastic. I definitely want to try out this salad soon!

    1. If you like halloumi, give paneer a try sometime. It's great in a curry.

  5. I don't think I could ever eat too much halloumi - love it and I think that your salad looks delicious. The veggies would help to balance out the cheese. #recipeoftheweek

    1. I'm tempted to get some more for a barbecue later...

  6. MY kind of salad and THANKS so much for all of your wonderful entries into Cooking with Herbs! Karen


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