Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Mixed Green Vegetable Side Dish

Green vegetables.  I love them.  This is the kind of side dish I would happily pay for in a restaurant.  You know when you order your mains and you're asked if you want a side?  You're never sure if you are being sold something with a massive profit margin or if it's something which will really complement your meal.  Well this will be something which will go fantastically with pork, fish, chicken, oh actually pretty much anything.  It is not a waste of time side dish but something lovely.  This would be great to serve up with a dish for that certain special someone, perhaps with some roasted potatoes with rosemary?

The quantities are less important than the idea.  Roughly speaking you want an even mix of each different vegetable.  Mix it up for what's seasonal.  Cabbage could be nice and would work well cooked in the buttery juices.  If I'd had some broad beans that would have been lovely.  Soy (edamame) beans even better but I think it all has to be green.

This would be on my restaurant menu.  You know, that restaurant in your head that you pretend you're young enough, energetic enough and good enough to open?  Ok, just me...

Green Vegetables - Serves 1 as a side dish


A mixture of green vegetables.  I used:
30g, 1oz Broccoli
30g, 1oz Green beans
4 spears Asparagus
30g, 1oz Sugar snaps
30g, 1oz Frozen Petit Pois / Peas (or use fresh if you have them)
15g, 1/2oz Butter
1 Clove garlic
1 tbsp White wine
A couple of sprigs Thyme
A couple of sprigs Parsley


Boil the green vegetables in water until still firm.  I cooked them for the following times:

3 minutes
Green Beans

2 minutes
Sugar snap peas

1 minute

Put the vegetables in step by step into the cooking water.  Why the vegetables are cooking, heat the butter in a frying pan and put in the whole, peeled clove of garlic.  Cook gently so the garlic releases some flavour.

When the vegetables cooking time is complete, drain and add to the butter with the wine and herbs.  Bubble for a minute or so, season then serve.

If you like your greens a little meatier, why not try this dish with broccoli and chorizo?

Love your greens!  I could even eat dishes like this as a main.  I do love my green vegetables!

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  1. You caught my attention with the mention of wine. Sounds good - will have to give this a go.

    1. It adds a little acidity and lifts it slightly (or I think so).


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