Thursday, 14 July 2016

Day 4 of 7 a day

It's day 4 of trying to eat 7 fruits and vegetables a day; seeing if this is even possible and how it makes me feel.


My day started again with what is now becoming routine; Skyr breakfast bowl.  Don't knock it!  With grapes, blackberries and blueberries today, 3 of my 7 were knocked off before I left the house.


Today I had a day off but no car due to a service so I walked and took public transport to my nearest city.  I've not walked so far to go shopping for years.  It is no wonder that before I could drive I was so fit and thin without exercising.  (Except then I used to do the whole thing in heels not the comfy trainers I wore today!)

So after many an hour shopping, I stopped for lunch in my favourite Indian Restaurant and had the Vegetarian Thali.  It was not only stunning but also surely contained at least one of my 7 a day?  Well I'm counting it with all the mixed vegetables and lentils.  The dosa was also absolutely awesome.  I apologise for the terrible photo but I hate being one of those people who takes photos of their food in restaurants so it was a hurried affair on my mobile.


Again to the vegetarian food.  I chose to have a selection of mixed salads.  I will give you the recipe (as much as there is one):

Mixed salad plate - serves 1 enormous portion


60g, 2oz Mixed salad leaves
80g, just short of 3oz Tomatoes
2 Spring onions (scallions)
30g, 1oz Green beans
50g, just less than 2oz of Blue cheese, e.g. Stilton or I used Garstang Blue
Extra virgin olive oil and red wine vinegar to serve


The spring onions and the green beans were freshly picked from my garden which gave me huge amounts of joy.  My garden is a heavy clay soil and the cool summer hasn't been great for getting everything going so these were the first green beans of this year.  All I did was cook them for only 3 minutes (having been picked seconds before) and they were glorious!

While the beans are cooking, slice the tomato and the onion and mix together.  Serve on a plate with the leaves topped with the blue cheese then serve the green beans warm or cold on the side.  Drizzle the leaves and tomatoes with oil and vinegar.  Season the tomatoes with coarse salt if liked and serve.

To be honest, it might seem like an odd combination but it worked and it was lovely.  I followed this up with fresh raspberries and cream.

So how do I feel?

Tired from all the walking so I've been lazy and no exercise has been done tonight but in general, great.  The Thali helped me feel a lot better about the world.  I firmly believe I could happily eat vegetarian curries every day of the year and not be bored.  7 a day achieved and feeling full.  I admit an ice cream was had late afternoon (there is the most awesome ice cream shop I had to pass on the way back home) but that was more out of greed than hunger.  Perhaps the increased carbs from the Thali filled me up?  Perhaps it is the joy of eating food you've grown?  Who knows but today was much more enjoyable.

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