Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Day 3 of 7 a day

There is something great about tomatoes at this time of year.  Anyway, more of that later.


I returned to my Skyr breakfast bowl today.  Getting three portions of fruit and vegetables in my diet before 8am is certainly the easiest way to go.  Today I had strawberries, blueberries and blackberries with walnuts and lovely it was too.


I made a simple salad of tomatoes and goats cheese today which is a great thing for a lunch box because it takes seconds to make and the dressing can be put on at the start of the day (no leaves to go soggy).  This was followed by grapes and watermelon (another huge portion.  I love watermelon and 80g looks really mean.)  An easy 3 portions at lunchtime.  Followed by cake.  Look we all need cake sometimes and it was a charity thing.  Oops.


After some exercise I had a salad of a bowl of mixed leaves, half an apple, Stilton, walnuts again (I love walnuts) and a mustard dressing.

So how do I feel?  

Again, I ended up eating cake, and, ok, I 'fess up, some sweets too.  More than I'd normally have and the super healthy feel of the food I think is pushing me the other way towards junk.  (Look, in my mind, cheese is a food group so doesn't count as unhealthy, ha ha ha...)

Not the intention but I suppose at least most of my diet over the day is ok.  I'm wondering if, despite the cheese, accidentally my diet is lower in calories than normal which is pushing me towards the higher calorie "naughty" things or perhaps it just feels too worthy.  I'm not sure but it's harder than I expected even if this is all food I'd normally enjoy, perhaps not quite in this quantity though.

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