Saturday, 24 October 2015

Caramel milk

A lovely cuddle of a warm milk drink, caffeine free, ideal for before bed.

Caramel Milk - Serves 1


200ml Semi skimmed / 1% fat milk
1 dsp - 1 tbsp very dark brown sugar or molasses sugar
A few drops vanilla (optional)
A few gratings of nutmeg (optional)


Warm the milk with the sugar in a microwave until heated through and the sugar has dissolved (give it a stir to help).

Add in the vanilla if using then use a milk frother to make the top bubbly then pour into a heatproof glass mug or regular mug if you're not being a poncy blogger.

Top with nutmeg if liked and serve.

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  1. Whoo this sounds yummy, i could just drink a cup :)

    1. I did, it was a warming, filling, cuddle of a drink.


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