Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Don't forget to enjoy food!

I try to eat reasonably healthily but I am not ruled by it.  My ethos, as the name of my blog would suggest is that food is enjoyable, food is lovely and I cook for people I care about (including me).  So often though, especially when people are trying to be healthy or trying to lose weight, people lose sight of this.  So, on this Wednesday morning, I thought I'd try and help you fall back in love with food!

Food is not punishment

I never think there is any point in eating what you "should" eat.  Getting healthy will never work long term if you don't enjoy the process.  Rather than force yourself to eat that dry cracker, why not find something healthy you do enjoy?

Food is not something to be endured

If you are bored by eating something, stop.  Life is too short to eat things we don't like.  It really is.

Low fat / sugar substitutes mostly don't fool you at all

There are very few "diet" or "light" things I can eat and either consciously or subconsciously not realise they are low fat / sugar / carb versions of the "real thing".  So I gave up.  Did I put on any weight?  No.  Did I enjoy what I was eating more?  Yep I assume I ended up eating less of it rather than eating a whole pack of "low sugar" something or other, I just ate what I wanted and stopped but there was nothing conscious about it, it was just listening to my body.

If you're liking what is in your mouth, enjoy it!

It is allowed!  Even if you're eating something "naughty", no, hang on, especially if you're eating something "naughty".  What is the point of having something lovely sometimes unless you enjoy it?

Step away from the processed food...

Personally I'm not a fan because the ease of using processed food puts me completely out of touch with the process of cooking and eating.  There are healthier and not so healthy options in processed foods as well though.

Ok, then cheat...

We are all tired sometimes.  If you're going to use processed options, add in some vegetables on the side of your ready meal, have water rather than a fizzy drink or soda with your burger, add fruit onto your cereal like the packs have been saying for years to try and make themselves look healthier!

But most of all... Love your food and Eat Like You Love Yourself!

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  1. A excellent post. Thanks for sharing on Real Food Fridays. Pinned & tweeted..

    1. Thanks Marla and thanks for sharing it too.


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