Thursday, 16 April 2015

Sunshine Salad

I had a bit of a stodgy lunch today but amazingly I was still hungry in the evening.  I was hankering for something a bit lighter, fresher and full of fruit and vegetable flavour.

Sunshine Salad - Serves 1


1 red, orange or yellow Pepper (bell pepper), or a combination of colours.
A handful of sugar snap peas
An inch or so of cucumber
A thick slice of pineapple
A small handful of unsalted peanuts
Coriander (cilantro) to serve

1 dsp Sweet chilli sauce
2 dsp Soy sauce or wheat free tamari
Juice of half a lime
Approx 1/4 clove garlic, very finely grated


Slice the vegetables and place into a bowl, peel and chop the pineapple and mix in.

Top with peanuts and coriander followed by the dressing.

It might sound odd to have a salad with pineapple in it but trust me, there is a deliciousness to it which just works and it's great in these in between months when it almost feels warm enough to cast your winter coat aside, only to be shocked by chilly mornings when the cuddly jumpers come back out.

Personally I don't eat food because it's good for me, rather I eat food I feel like my body wants, so it's always interesting to work out what nutrients are in a dish.  This salad is a great source of vitamin C, peppers contain a surprisingly high amount and are also a source of vitamin A.  Pineapples also contain Vitamin C and Manganese, if the website I'm checking out is to be believed, cucumber is a decent source of vitamin K.  Sugar snap peas are packed full of all sorts including vitamins A, C, K, Thiamin and Folate.  Don't think the peanuts do nothing either.  They're a fantastic source of vitamin E as well as other nutrients.

So I think that's just saying to me "I'm run down".  So I ate this lovely dish for tea, unusually for me, I've not exercised tonight, I'm about to make a cup of decaf tea and turn in for an early night, hoping the Sunshine Salad makes my body feel as good as it made my soul.

I've uploaded this to Recipe of the Week.


  1. Hi Heidi,
    I love the idea of a crunch, unsalted peanuts on this salad. and pineapple on this salad. Such a nice flavor combination. I'm so glad you shared this healthy and delicious Sunshine Salad recipe at the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party this week. I'm delighted! Pinning and sharing this!

    1. Thank you, I love a bit of pineapple in savoury dishes and I'm so glad we've got peanuts back in the house now my son's allergy has been restricted to Brazil nuts only.

  2. This looks so fresh and delicious - a sunny salad indeed :)

    1. Yes, typical the weather in the UK has got chillier since. Still, there's sunshine in my bowl :-)

  3. Great recipe - sounds delicious. Congratulations on being featured. You should come over and link up with Real Food Fridays that goes life every Thursday @7 PM EST. We would love to have you and to share your recipes. Visiting from Healthy Happy Green & Natural blog hop.

  4. Fab, Heidi! Thanks for bringing this over. This is now on my shortlist for a feature. Cheers from Carole's Chatter

    1. No problem! The sun is shining in your bowl even if it's not in the sky... erm ever because I live in the UK :-/

  5. I love fruit in salads. This looks delicious and I love the dressing. I saw your link on Carole's Chatter.


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