Wednesday, 1 April 2015

A tour around "Eat Like You Love Yourself"

With it being Brilliance in Blogging nominations season, I thought I'd introduce myself to anyone who isn't aware of my blog or knows what it is about.

When my son was weaning, I started the blog Mamacook to keep my mind active, use some creativity and help challenge myself on the kinds of foods my son ate.  This was fantastic but it became increasingly obvious as he grew up that writing 'kids food' made little sense because his 'kids food' was the same kind of food I loved to eat.

Personal circumstances meant that I started to eat alone more and I found that the foods I chose to cook 'just for me' were not great for me and certainly not great for the soul.  Chips and mayo are not a balanced meal.

I had a think on how I could encourage myself to eat better.  I looked through some cookbooks, all the recipes were for 4-6 people.  I'm an ok cook, I can scale things down but the results don't always work well.  So I started to come up with my own recipes for one (and sometimes two) which I could fit into my busy life that were good for my soul and made me feel loved even if I was 'just' cooking for me.  What's great as well is if you are cooking for two, it's much easier to double the recipe than scale one down.

I hope you enjoy my blog and take the time to have a look around, click on some of the recipe links. 

Thank you in advance.

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