Sunday, 23 April 2017

Roast Pepper Sandwich

I love a "different" sandwich.  My son, sadly, gravitates towards ham whenever he's given a choice but sandwiches can be as boring as white bread with wafer thin ham or as interesting as this little beauty.

This is a delicious but messy sandwich; have napkins nearby.  If you'd like to eat this with more decorum and less goats cheese on your chin, use cold bread and allow the peppers to cool before assembling.

Roasted Pepper and Goats Cheese Sandwich - Serves 1


1 Ciabatta roll or similar rustic style single serve roll
1 Red pepper
50g, 1.5oz Soft rindless goats cheese*
1 tsp Pesto*
Rocket (arugula) to serve


Put the grill (broiler) on as hot as it will go and grill (broil) the red pepper, turning occasionally until well blackened all over.  Put this into a bowl and cover.  Leave for about 5 minutes or so before continuing to make the sandwich.

Put the ciabatta into a warm oven and warm through (optional).

When the bread is warmed through, cut in half and spread the pesto onto the base.

Take the pepper out of the bowl and scrape off the blackened skin, it should come off pretty easily but if a little remains it's not a problem.  Remove the seeds and stem and cut into pieces.

Spread or crumble the goats cheese on top of the pesto spread base, top with the peppers, season to taste and either serve with rocket (arugula) in the sandwich or alongside.

A great spring sandwich, warm enough on a cooler day but summery enough to make you feel like winter has truly gone.

*Note:  Some cheeses are not vegetarian as they use animal rennet and cheese is an ingredient in pesto.  If you are vegetarian and avoiding animal rennet, check the goats cheese and pesto you're using are suitable for vegetarians.

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