Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Fruit Kebabs

An unashamedly childish recipe here.  I used to have a blog Mamacook all about food for kids and this was one recipe I made loads but never got round to blogging.  There are loads of ideas out there for healthy and fun foods for kids and one of them is fruit kebabs.  The downside though is the stick.  What is the fun in the boring stick and if you use a skewer it's a bit risky for younger kids too, you don't want sharp wooden sticks going in their mouths...

Well I have an answer I came up with a few years ago and it is so simple!

Fruit Kebabs - Makes as many as you want!


A selection of fruit
"Mikado" chocolate dipped sticks or sweet pretzel sticks (also known as "Pocky" sticks or "Rocky" in some countries, you can sometimes find them in Asian supermarkets if not in mainstream stores)


Cut the fruit into bite sized pieces.

Make a hole in each fruit with a skewer, it also helps to make this a bit bigger using a narrow chopstick or similar (or wiggle around the skewer a bit).

Thread the fruit onto the Mikado sticks and serve immediately.

Although I've mentioned a brand name in this post, I have not been sponsored for this recipe

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