Friday, 18 December 2015

My Favourite Christmas Films

I will be spending Christmas afternoon on my own this year.  Don't panic readers, I'm fine about it and planning a Christmas movie marathon to keep me going and away from (too many) mince pies.

Hmm... mince pies....

Here are my top 10 I think should be on your Christmas playlist.

10.  While you were sleeping.  This is a story about a woman who has a crush on a successful man who comes to her booth to pay for the train every day.  He ends up being pushed onto the train tracks and she saves his life.  While in a coma, everyone gets the wrong end of the stick and thinks she's his fiance.  More believable and lovely than it sounds with some genuinely laugh out loud moments.  Sandra Bullock at her best.

9.  Love Actually.  Yes Keira Knightly is really annoying but this is still like a box of Quality Street.  Kind of sickly, you can't stop gorging on it and what Christmas is all about.  Oh and Colin Firth...

8.  Elf.  Not totally my bag because I'm not a massive Will Ferrell fan but still genuinely laugh out loud in places and sweet enough to keep you caring.  Look at it as a sweet take on how consumerism and life have overtaken the childish joy of Christmas, or just see Will Ferrell being stupid, either way, it has it's place.

7.  Muppets Christmas Carol.  Having read Dickens, it surprises me every time how true to the book this is while still containing a load of Muppets.  That's quite a feat.  I even remembered some of the lines (including Dicken's humour) from the book by watching it.  Ok, perhaps you don't quite find yourself in tears over Tiny Tim but still brilliant and Michael Caine surprisingly (and successfully) plays it very straight while surrounded by varying levels of mayhem.

6.  Miracle on 34th Street 1994 version.  A good remake definitely and still worth a watch even if the original is a smidge better (and has a better ending).

5.  The Snowman. Still makes me cry now.  We all got sucked in thinking "this is about Christmas" but it's not, it's a story about death and loss which is genuinely sad but at the same time a reminder to really live and enjoy the time we have with those we love and have close bonds with.

4.  Sleepless in Seattle.  Ok not a Christmas film per se but it starts at Christmas and is a lovely and touching story about loss, how bereavement can be so much harder at Christmas but also how there is another chance for love out there.  Yes, I will need tissues.

3.  The Shop Around the Corner.  FORGET everyone that this was ever remade into "you've got mail" (terrible film).  This is a lovely and very sweet film, again much ahead of it's time.

2.  Bridget Jones Diary.  I mean I will be "all by myseee---lf..." after all so what could be more appropriate?  A lovely film bookended by Christmassy 'do's and the obligatory festive jumpers.  Oh and Colin Firth...  Also makes you feel less guilty for pigging out on one day of the year because let's face it, you can't get lower than eating Branston out of the jar.

1.  Miracle on 34th Street 1947 version.  The original and best in my book.  Such a modern concept, the career woman and the cynical world weary child (a young Natalie Wood).  I also much prefer the part with the post office to the newer version with the dollar bill.

I hope you have a fantastic Christmas and New Year and enjoy yourself whatever your plans!

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