Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Quark Pancakes

After making my white chocolate and raspberry layer a few days back, I had some quark left in the fridge.  In a moment of inspiration while running, at 6:30am (madness), I realised that quark could be a great ingredient for a sneaky protein rich breakfast as it's over 10% protein by weight.  It's the Tuesday after a long weekend, I needed something to lift my spirits so the quark pancake was born.

Quark Pancakes - Makes approx 15*


85g, approx 3oz Quark (this is a very low fat soft cheese)
1 egg
Few drops vanilla extract
50g, 1 3/4oz Self raising flour (or plain / all purpose flour plus 1/2tsp baking powder)
Large pinch baking powder
50ml 1 3/4fl oz milk
Butter or Spray oil for cooking
Berries and syrup to serve


Whisk together the quark and the egg adding in the vanilla. Whisk in the flour and baking powder.  Whisk in enough milk to make a thin batter.

Heat a non stick frying pan and fry large spoonfuls in spray oil (or rub butter in the pan) until cooked.  These make delicate, soft pancakes, I'm not convinced leftovers will freeze well but I will try them cold later and let you know if they're still a taste sensation.  Whether they are or not, this is too many for all but the largest appetites and would probably serve two but still a delicious and filling breakfast.

A quick request.  I have been shortlisted for the Britmum's award in "Food".  I'm amazed that Britmums have included me with so many other brilliant bloggers.

Only 10 bloggers have been shortlisted and only 5 bloggers out of the 10 will make it to the final and I'd love your vote to help get me there as my blog is only a tiny wee thing, I don't have linkies or corporate backers to help me out.  Please take 2 minutes of your time to vote here for "Eat Like You Love Yourself".

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  1. The recipe reads "Large pinch baking powder" two times, pl check

    1. And that is why I love the fact people actually read my recipes and also why I should never write a recipe before 8am after a run... Thank you :-)

  2. Congratulations for being nominated. I signed up to vote for you.

    Way to go. Thank you for the brilliant recipe.

    1. Thank you. Leftovers are actually surprisingly good cold with some berries.

  3. I've heard of quark a couple of times from those that live in Europe. I guess that's cottage cheese in the US?
    Btw, what do these pancakes taste like? Like a regular pancake or different?

    1. It's a german very low fat soft cheese. Cottage cheese (at least in the UK) is lumpier. I suppose you could try blending it and then adding it to the pancakes? They come out a lot softer and you can taste the dairy but a really nice flavour and great with berries.

    2. Ok thanks! I will try/find some cheese I could use

  4. This looks fab, I love finding new breakfast inspiration. Also well done on being shortlisted!

    Popping over from the #weekendbloghop

    Becky xx

  5. I can't readily get quark either - but I may try this with other soft cheese... If I use cottage cheese or ricotta and mix it in a blender, then let it rest a bit, that might work.

    And it definitely looks and sounds worth trying!

    1. Let me know how it goes. I've read that labneh (unflavoured) is also another option and you can make that at home from yogurt.


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