Sunday, 24 May 2015

My favourite gluten free recipes

I don't have a gluten issue but many people do of varying degrees.

Coeliac disease is thought to affect 1 in 100 people (source Coeliac UK).  One of my friends has recently been diagnosed with a wheat allergy (as in he can get anaphylaxis if he eats wheat).  Personally I love bread but not out of any desire to cut it out, I find if I eat it more than once a day in I just feel a bit heavier and sluggish.  I suspect this has more to do with the fact I like toast with lots of butter on it and I do find slower fermented breads like sourdough are better but still, wheat is something I naturally don't eat every day because it doesn't feel like my body likes it that often.

As a result, there are lots of naturally gluten free recipes on my blog.


I have had a real awakening to the variety of meals which I could have at breakfast time recently.  I have no idea why I used to eat cereals every day.  I once did a "7 a day" challenge where I tried to fit in 7 fruits and vegetables into my diet every day.  Surprisingly I found it hard when nowadays I think it would be a breeze.

This very berry breakfast bowl contains two full portions of fruit, nuts and other delicious things which will be fantastic for your well-being and also taste great.

There are lots of lovely breakfasts containing oats, like my yogurt and oat smoothie.

Or Bircher muesli containing about 3 of your 7 a day!

A quick note on oats.  Oats contain a similar protein to gluten but it's not the same thing so many people who are allergic to gluten can eat oats, however, they are commonly going to contain small amounts of wheat from cross contamination in the field (i.e. the farmer may grow wheat one year then oats the next so a small number of ears of wheat may be present at harvest).  You can buy gluten free oats which are grown carefully and tested for the presence of gluten though so if you're ok with oat protein you should still be able to eat them but if you are just avoiding gluten for your own reasons, normal oats only contain a small amount.


I love a salad which combines meat and leaves.  When you're missing out wheat but not replacing with other carbs, it can be easy for a meal to feel insubstantial but adding in some protein suddenly makes it feel like a main course.

My favourites would be lamb and feta salad and my recently posted Thai style beef salad.

Or use cheese as the protein instead in a delicious and beautiful fig and feta salad.


I love eating fish and there are great ways to cook with fish without introducing gluten.

Trout with green beans is a lovely, light and fresh dish for spring.

Hollandaise is a lovely thing to serve with Salmon or other fish and although it's a labour of love, it is delicious.  Or why not try salsa verde?

Or if you feel like you're missing out on crispy coatings with fish and chips, you can always use cornflour like I do with my salt and pepper squid.


Let's face it, pastry is lovely.  That said, there are alternatives and I really must post a recipe for pavlova on here sometime because that is the most delicious, naturally gluten free dessert I know.  But in the meantime, here is my gorgeous white chocolate and raspberry layer.

I hope you've enjoyed my little round up and are convinced that gluten free can be lovely.

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