Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Black Pudding Salad

It's a worrying thing having people who like your blog sometimes.  I've recently had a few vegetarian and vegan followers, then I bring out a salad featuring black pudding.  So sorry non meat eaters, this one is sadly not for you.

In my defence, I love vegan and vegetarian food but I also like meat.  I'm of the view as well that people who get squeamish about black pudding who are prepared to eat a pork chop need to get over themselves.  If you are going to eat meat, eat all of it, eat the 'nasty bits' too (you know the ones which cost very little but with careful cooking normally taste lovely) because if you are eating an animal, make the most out of it, respect it.  Don't be the person who only eats chicken breasts.

Anyway, after a 5.5 mile run, this popped into my head as a lunch idea.  It started off as black pudding with salad leaves in my mind but something more robust was called for.  Black pudding, made from pork after all should be natural partners for mustard and apple.

Some apples, yesterday.
See?  I like fruit too!
In praise of black pudding; I used to live in Scotland as a student.  My local corner shop sold the most amazing black pudding spiked with pinhead oatmeal and densely flavoured with masses of black pepper and what tasted like allspice.  How can you resist?  They also sold fluffy flour dusted baps.  Those rolls and crispy fried black pudding saved me from many a hangover.  Ok, it's a bit high in fat and much of it is saturated.  It's a bit heavy on salt too but pair that with all the good stuff it isn't massively bad for you, especially with some fruit and vegetables although I hasten to add, this was written before my recent health kick.

I would be tempted to say this was a "Man's Salad", however, I concede that I might also be putting off meat eaters by my inclusion of celery.  Wow this really is a tough sell of a recipe isn't it?  Just go with it!  The vegetables give crunch, the apple sweetness, the dressing spice and the black pudding an almost creamy yet iron filled deliciousness.  Try it...

Black Pudding Salad - Serves 1


Two thick slices of black pudding (blood pudding, morcilla)
Half an apple
A stick of celery
Approx 2 inches / 5cm cucumber

For the dressing
1-2 tsp vinegar (depending on how sharp you want it)
1 tsp dijon mustard
A large pinch salt
1-2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil or oil and water (see below)


Dry fry the black pudding in a non stick frying pan turning occasionally until hot through and a little crispy.

Make the dressing by mixing the vinegar with the mustard then gradually whisking in the oil.  If you want to make the dressing a little lighter, mix in a tsp or two of water at the end rather than more oil (although this does make the dressing less thick).

Cut the celery, apple and cucumber up into bite sized pieces.  Crumble the cooked black pudding on top and drizzle over the dressing.


  1. This does look really nice. Unfortunately im not a black pudding fan, and I don't eat the "nasty" bits. It does look appetizing here though. #weekendbloghop

    1. I think if you have a good bit of black pudding you'd be won over but then I'm a midlands girl at heart so I was probably weaned on the stuff!

  2. Ha great post, couldn't agree with you more and like Heidi above I'm also a midlands girl so really appreciate where you are coming from.

    Linking up from the weekend blog hope. Great to find you x

    1. I once went to an 80th birthday party. There were black pudding platters...

  3. I love black pudding and that salad looks amazing (never thought I would ever say that about a salad but there you go!)...I definitely need to try this out!

    (Found you through the weekend blog hop!)

  4. I love black pudding. Just about to try the recipe for lunch. Thank you.

  5. I've never had black kind of scares me, lol. But you make a good point that we should eat and use all the bits. Thanks for sharing on Weekend bites!

    1. Trust me... try it, it's actually really lovely. The best black pudding contains oats, seasoning, some fat and (yes, just get your head around it) pig blood. You tend to find the better black puddings don't contain as much fat either so it's a great source of iron and soluble fibre. I don't think we can pretend it's health food but it probably doesn't quite deserve it's reputation nor condemnation to Sunday morning fry ups in greasy spoons!

  6. I've never tried black pudding, but I'll try anything once. This looks delicious. Thanks for linking up with the Fabulously Frugal Link Party!

    1. I think it's lovely, I hope you do too!


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