Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Sausage and kale pan fry

Sausage?  Have I gone all manly?  Kale?  Have I succumbed to a food trend?  Neither, well maybe the first, nothing wrong with manly food but I've been eating kale since I was a child.  This is kale how it's traditionally eaten, not juiced, not in a cake, not in pill form, as a vegetable.

It's an odd thing how kale has become trendy.  Basically kale is a more primitive and flavourful form of cabbage.  Like any cabbage, in my opinion, you shouldn't boil it but it's much better partially steamed like in this dish.  Why it got this reputation as the best thing since sliced, erm, vegetables, I have no idea.  Maybe there is a Kale growing association with a strong lobbying / PR wing?

The result of my seasonal supermarket pickings was a delicious and fantastically quick one pan meal.  The kind of meal you probably wouldn't share with 'company' but delicious (and ok, pretty healthy.)

Sausage and Kale Pan Fry - Serves 1


150g, 5oz Sausages - choose ones with a very high meat content
80g, 3oz Mushrooms, I chose chestnut mushrooms
1 clove garlic
A big handful of curly kale, large stems trimmed off and shredded


Squeeze the sausages out of the skins and put into a non stick frying pan in 'lumps' (now this is sounding appetising!  Work with me here.)  Fry until browning.  Add the mushrooms and continue to fry until they start to colour.  Add the garlic, and fry for a couple of minutes, don't let the garlic burn.  Add in the kale and a good splash of water.  This will help the kale wilt and cook all of the other ingredients.

Add in a couple of sprigs of chopped thyme and parsley, check everything is cooked and serve.  Have some crusty bread alongside for juice mopping up and extra manliness if desired!

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  1. Looks really good :)
    Thanks for the tip

  2. I bet the sausages complemented the kale perfectly.

    1. They did actually, there is that almost iron-y taste with kale which just works so well with pork.


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