Wednesday, 3 December 2014

My Christmas Present Wishlist for Foodies

I love looking at Christmas wishlists this time of year and looking at items I'd not thought of but I always see more things I'd like than I really think would be great for someone else.

So here are my top buys for Christmas.  (No sponsorship, just what I think looks cool!)  Links are only for convenience, not endorsing any particular retailer.

I might not seem like it but I do like meat despite my frequent vegetarian recipes.  I've always wanted to have a go at making my own sausages and this simple kit gives you enough to make 20.  I'm thinking Pork and Stilton as my first variety.

Ok, this is massively too expensive and I'd probably use it once in a blue moon but I love the idea of this sizzling platter.  Having friends cooking and eating at the table, some wine, some food, loads of chat.

In reality I don't have friends round often enough to justify it but it's still cool isn't it?

I used to live in Scotland and I am part Scottish (where Tunnocks are a bit of an institution).  There's something fantastic about this apron.  

As Scottish as a deep fried Mars bar with a whisky chaser!

I am an avid cook book collection.  I have to admit I rarely cook from them but I do love the food of the Middle East so this book looks very good to me.

I am a sucker for a good cookie cutter.  I would even say I'm a collector of them because in a sideboard in my kitchen, I have a drawer full.  That said, there is always one missing from your collection and I do love this little car one.  I think it would get thumbs up from my son.

I love Victorinox knives.  If Santa didn't bring me a whole set (I don't need them, really, ok, I just want them) I already own a tomato knife in their range but I could happily buy 10 more.  I first bought one when I went travelling and said to my local kitchen shop owner "I want a knife I can cut bread with, butter it with but also be able to cut vegetables and not stab myself through my rucksack".  He smiled and said "this is the one you want".

They've slightly changed the handle from the versions I own but I'm hoping that won't affect the perfect balance of them, they just feel so fabulously good in your hand.  Oh and it comes in lots of colours including pink and that's kind of cool. 

Tatty old crockery and cutlery.  I love this stuff.  As a food blogger you're always trying to add atmosphere to your pics.  This fork has got a UK government issue symbol on it and a number on the front.  

It took me a while to realise it was probably prison issue which is kind of strange it's life has now evolved to be featured regularly on a food blog.  I picked it up from a car boot for 20p.  Might look like junk to other people but I love it.

I would love, love, love a selection of different dried chillis, or spices in general.  I use spice, a lot.  Some chipotles would be my first choice but a selection of different dried chillis would be awesome.  People don't realise how much depth of flavour you can get from a chilli and how different chillis can give layers of flavour and I'd love to find out more myself.

Something home made.  That might sound naff and I know not everyone would love it but I love things made with love.  I made a jar of bramble jelly for someone once.  I'm sure they don't appreciate the effort which went into it, from picking the brambles, scratching my fingers, to boiling, straining overnight then getting the set.  It's crazy when you think people may spread it on their toast without realising it's at least 3 days work, but that's what I'm saying.  I'd notice.  I'd appreciate it!

A Wilton icing set.  Look I know the cupcake trend is over but I still like making them and people definitely still like eating them.  I have an icing syringe which is best for accurate work but there's something about the large Wilton nozzles which works better on cupcakes

A great stocking filler for foodies is the poundland baking range.  I have so many of these little dishes which are great for portions for one.  To save money I often bake several meals and freeze in the dish.

They also come in loads of cute colours like this purple mini lasagne dish and at a pound each are a bargain for stocking gifts.

I've always been a bit fascinated by Fanny Cradock, despite the fact she was way before my time but there has to be something fascinating about a woman in the 50s (60s, 70s...) in total charge in ballgown, ruling the cooking roost.  

I'd love to learn a bit more about what made Fanny tick which is why I'd love to read more.

Ok a final one just for fun... this is a blooming pointless thing.  Ribbons of vegetables?  

A "sometime need" at best but this just looks cool doesn't it?  Completely pointless of course...

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