Saturday, 20 May 2017

Lamb Kebabs

A recipe which is ideal for the barbecue or the grill (broiler) if the weather is disappointing.  Lamb is great for grilling; it has natural fat which keeps the meat tender but also, like steak it benefits from being served slightly pink.

This is a very simple recipe for some simple lamb skewers.  If the weather ever improves I'll be nibbling on this delicious lamb and hummus for the rest of the summer.

Lamb kebabs - Serves 1


1 Lamb steak
1 Bell pepper (yellow, orange, red or a combination)
2 tsp Extra virgin olive oil
2 Cloves garlic
Sprigs fresh thyme
Flatbreads, salad and hummus to serve


Cut the lamb into chunks and marinade in the oil, whole garlic cloves and fresh thyme for 30 minutes or an hour at room temperature.  If using wooden skewers, soak them in water while the lamb is marinading so they don't burn when you cook the kebabs.

Preheat the grill or get your barbecue ready.  Thread the lamb onto the skewers alternating with pieces of pepper.  Discard the garlic.

Grill the lamb until cooked to your liking and the pepper is cooked and slightly charred, I like my lamb medium so still pink and succulent in the middle.  Season the kebabs with some coarse sea salt and serve with flatbreads, salad and hummus if liked.

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