Wednesday, 5 October 2016

What's in season in October?

October is here and it's one of my favourite months for produce in the UK.  There are still British soft fruits available from poly tunnels, the end of the blackberry season and crisp apples from the trees are still at their best.  While it's the end of one season it's also the start of the next and that wonderful golden period when so much local food is available is fantastic.


But this is when we start to get the cruciferous vegetables coming to the fore.  I am no trend follower, I've been eating kale for years.  Kale is just a more flavourful cabbage basically.  Rumours as to it's superfood status have been highly inflated in my opinion.

That said, it does taste nice and is great part steamed in buttery juices or you could mix it up with my (not healthy at all) sausage and kale pan fry.


Celeriac is something I've not cooked with in a big way but I intend to make changes there!  Last year though I discovered it makes a great thick and filling soup.


Mussels are one of my favourite things.  So much cheaper to buy than people think and very easy (and quick) to cook.

The classic dish is moules mariniere.

But I also love this fish soup with its variety of flavours and ingredients but still so cheap to make.


Beetroot's earthy sweetness is great in soup but also in salads.  It's sweetness is a great foil for the smoky flavours in this smoked salmon layered salad.

I'm not religious but this time of year is traditional to have a "harvest festival".  When I was little, we'd make boxes of food for the elderly in the village.  Nowadays my son's school make a box of food for the local food bank.  I actually get really excited about doing it and sharing the season.  Although I can't include fresh food, I actually shop especially for this box including foods I would like to receive and hope the recipient does too.

Why not celebrate the season by doing the same?  Donating something to your local food bank whether that is a financial donation or a gift.

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