Friday, 27 May 2016

Salmon Ramen

I don't mean ramen as in those packs of instant cup noodles or the packets so many students live on, this is an attempt to make lovely ramen soup at home but with delicious and healthy salmon.

In a moment of inspiration I bought a jar of miso paste a few months back, then forgot about it.  I have no idea why because it really adds depth to a soup, it's definitely going back on my shopping list again.

I've used ramen noodles here (as in the dried proper ramen noodle not the pack with the sachet of MSG filled flavouring) but if you can't get them, try egg noodles.  Not quite the same but close enough.

Salmon Ramen - Serves 1


1 Salmon fillet, approx 120-150g (4-5oz)
2 tsp Miso paste
200ml, 7 fl oz, 3/4 cup Low salt vegetable stock
A few thin slices of ginger
30-40g, 1-1.5oz Ramen noodles

To serve
Thin slices of vegetables; I used red pepper and mange tout (snow peas)
1 tsp sweet chilli sauce
1 tsp soy sauce
Sliced chilli
Lime juice
Coriander (cilantro)


Heat the stock with the ginger and the miso until boiling.  Turn down to a simmer.

Cook the ramen and the salmon, as mine took the same cooking time of 5 minutes, I put them into the stock together but check pack instructions.  Cover while the salmon and noodles are cooking and prepare your bowl.

Put the finely sliced vegetables into the bowl with the chilli sauce then, when the noodles are ready, put them into the bowl and carefully transfer the salmon fillet.  Pour over the stock then add a tsp soy sauce, a squeeze of lime and chilli and coriander to finish.

Delicious and pretty healthy too!

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