Friday, 25 September 2015

Grape and Parma Ham Salad

This is a delicious light salad, fantastic for a starter / appetiser, side dish or light, fresh and delicious main meal.  It looks and tastes delicious with fantastic balance of sour and sweet from the grapes and balsamic vinegar.  Delicious, healthy and great if you are gluten free.

Grape and Ham Salad - Serves 1


30g, 1oz very finely sliced cured ham like Parma Ham, Serrano Ham etc.
A big handful of fresh salad leaves, I used baby oakleaf lettuce
A handful of red seedless grapes
A drizzle of good quality syrupy balsamic vinegar


Assemble the salad with the leaves topped with the halved grapes and torn up pieces of ham.

Drizzle lovingly with the balsamic vinegar and serve.


  1. That looks lovely - a nice midweek lunch, perhaps.

    1. It is lovely and so quick. It was my lunch on Friday and I'd been exercising in the morning, been to a 2 hour meeting and got the shopping in. It was fantastic because it was so fresh tasting but also a matter of moments to make. Assembly really rather than cooking. It would be great for a packed lunch too for the same reason, just leave off the balsamic vinegar till the last minute.

  2. We're vegetarian-leaning flexitarians, so don't eat much meat any more, but ham is one of those taste treats we still occasionally indulge. This looks like a delightful supper salad, and so incredibly easy to make. With a crust of fresh-baked whole wheat sourdough, which we almost always have on hand, this would be the ideal after-work, too-tired-to-cook meal. Thank you.

    1. Ooh can I come round for sourdough? I love sourdough. I used to have my own starter but I didn't have the time to bake.


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