Saturday, 28 March 2015

Apple Tarte Tatin

By the title and picture I've given away my favourite dish of the day!

The highlight and so much of a highlight was this tarte tatin, half of my "individual" portion was stolen by my son because he thought it looked pretty good "Oooh, what's that?"

Individual Tarte Tatin - Serves 1 if you can keep everyone elses hands of it.


1 eating apple
10g, 1/3oz unsalted butter
10g, 1/3oz muscovado sugar (or dark brown soft sugar)
Ready rolled puff pastry, a circle to fit the size of your tin


Peel and core the apple.  Melt the butter with the sugar in a non stick frying pan.  Cut the apple into slices and fry lightly on either side in the caramelising sugar for a minute or two each side.

Allow to cool and put into a small cake tin, maybe around 4 inches, 10cm across.  Better not to be a loose bottomed one if you can.  Spray the tin with cooking spray first then make into a pattern if you like (well if you're making tarte tatin, why not do it properly?)

When ready to cook, put the oven on and heat to 200oC, 400F, Gas Mark 6.  Cut the puff pastry to the size you need to completely cover all of the apples and put on top of the apples.  Bake for 15-20 minutes or until the pastry is crisp and browning.  Leave to cool for a few minutes then turn out by tipping out onto a plate and serving with the apples on top.

Optional:  If you don't have enough caramelised juices, heat a little more butter, sugar and some apple juice together in a microwave until boiling and glaze.

Officially given the seal of approval by my 4 year old and me.

Today was a good food day.  As we've been able to have nuts in our house again, I had the opportunity to cook one of my favourite vegan dishes of peanut noodles.

I added a bit more soy sauce and a bit more water as the sauce is quite thick but it was loved by both of us and also easy to cook for one.

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