Sunday, 23 November 2014

Fish Tortilla Wraps

Fish tortilla wraps were an invention to try and use food in my house.  Let's face it, November is an expensive month, especially if you start your Christmas shopping early like I have.  I realised before the weekend I had £10 left in my account.  It's always the way that you think there's nothing in the fridge or cupboards, then look a bit harder and can come up with something new.

So expect a few thrifty recipes coming your way!

Fish tacos

Sometimes necessity is the mother of invention.  You can buy really thrifty packs of pollock (often called "white fish") in the freezer department.  A great source of protein and Omega 3.

Fish Tortilla - Serves 1


100g, 4oz Pollock fillet
1/2 tsp Smoked Paprika
1/2 Red pepper
A couple of onion wedges
1 tsp Olive oil

To serve
One large or two small tortillas
Grated extra mature cheddar


Heat the oil in a non stick frying pan.  Cut the pepper and onion into wedges, cut the fish into bite sized pieces.

Fry the fish and vegetables in the oil with the paprika and seasoning until the fish is cooked.  Try not to move it too much because it will break up (although will still taste good).

Serve in a warmed tortilla with salsa (recipe for salsa), cheese, extra jalapenos if you like it hot.  You could also add sour cream if liked.

Fish wraps

Oh I hate having to photograph in artificial light, I hope this looks appetising, it tasted pretty good even if the last thing you'd thought of making was fish tortilla wraps!

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