Sunday, 31 August 2014

Quick Fish Stew

Fish is something which is fantastic for one.  So much great fish is available frozen, it's quick to defrost, tasty and a great source of Omega 3.

Quick fish stew

This uses raw prawns and fresh mackerel fillets (bought frozen).  Mackerel can be a tough sell for some people because of it's inherent 'fishy' flavour, especially if bought less than super fresh but the joy with buying frozen is it is always fresh and mackerel can stand up to robust flavours.

Quick Fish Stew - Serves 1


1 Mackerel fillet, thawed if frozen
5 Raw prawns, thawed if frozen
2 Cloves garlic
1 tsp Olive oil
250g, 9 oz Passata (about half a carton)*
Pinch of dried chilli flakes
Half red pepper
Parsley to serve


Char the skin of the red pepper by grilling under a hot grill until the skin is black.  Put in a bowl and cover with cling film until cool enough to handle and slip off the skin.  You can miss out this step and use the pepper as it is or use bottled grilled peppers if you prefer to make it very quick to make but it does taste nicer if you do take off the skin.  You can also grill the whole pepper this way then freeze any leftover pepper to cook with another day.

Heat the oil in a saucepan, add the garlic, stir for a few seconds then add the passata.  Add the chilli and chopped up pepper.

Cut the mackerel into bite size chunks and add with the prawns to the stew.  Cook for only about 3 minutes or until the fish is cooked.  

Fish stew

Serve sprinkled with parsley and garlic bread for mopping up.

*Leftover passata is great in pasta sauces, as a base for gazpacho or can be frozen to use in cooking another day or when you next want to make a quick fish stew.


  1. We often buy seafood and prepare our own mixes for the freezer. So meals like this are a blessing if you've done all your own prep. Really loving your posts. Super simple and but detailed when necessary. We have access to fresh Spanish Mackerel, too.

    1. Thank you. I'd love to have access to some super fresh mackerel.


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