Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Lamb and Feta Cheese Salad

I love vegetarian food but I also love red meat.  I don't tend to eat a lot of lamb, thinking perhaps it's too much for one but a lamb steak is a great size for one.  This salad makes the most of a lamb steak too, you don't need masses to make it work.

Main course salads can be delicious things.  This was inspired by a trip into Leicester on Saturday.  They have a fantastic market with masses of ingredients from all over the world.  I picked up a pomegranate for 30p and probably more limes than I could eat in a month for £1.  There was some lamb in the freezer, some feta in the fridge and as soon as that pomegranate went in the bag, I knew exactly what I was going to make.  It might seem strange but this was my Sunday lunch.  Well why not?  Although I do sometimes cook a roast on a Sunday, it does mean you're potentially eating the leftovers for days.

Lamb and Feta Cheese Salad - Serves 1


Approx 100-150g 4-5oz lamb steak
A big handful rocket (arugula)
60g, 2oz Feta Cheese
Half a pomegranate
Approx 5 cm, 2 inches cucumber
Olive oil
White wine or balsamic vinegar


Dry fry the lamb in a non stick frying pan until done to your liking (or use a little olive oil if you prefer).  Just like beef steak you can tell when it's done by pressing on the pad of your thumb.  I explain all about testing when steak is done in this post.

While the steak is cooking, warm a plate in a microwave for 2-3 minutes.  When the steak is cooked, put it on the plate and cover with a bowl.

While the steak is resting, put the rocket on a cold plate.  Chop up the cucumber (deseeding first if liked).  Take the seeds out of half of the pomegranate, use the handle end of a slim handled fork or spoon and put this in a bowl.

Top the rocket with the cucumber then the crumbled feta, slice and add the lamb,  Top with the pomegranate, some olive oil, vinegar, some torn up parsley and seasoning if liked.

Isn't this just beautiful?

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