Tuesday, 11 November 2014

The Ethics of Food

This popped up in my newsfeed this evening.  A burger made with doughnuts ('donuts') instead of bread.  On what planet is this a good idea?

The 'donut' burger.  Here we go:

From the BBC News Feed
So there you go.  This 'delight' is served up by Hungry Horse pubs.  These are the kind of pubs families on low incomes can go out to and afford to feed the family, the kind of places with family deals.  They have a kids club and kids menu.  Exactly the kind of places where you would hope someone in development would think about the consumers not just about emulating a trend to be like Man vs. Food (when even Adam Richman has stepped away from the food challenges nowadays.)

I heard on the news recently discussion on the idea to legalise drugs in the UK.  One commentator pointed out "but in the UK we don't do moderation well."  He couldn't be more right.  In the UK 64% of adults are overweight or obese.  Amazingly even by the time kids are in reception class at school (age 4-5) 10% are already obese.

So is it the fault of the producers?  Normally I would say that life is mostly about choices but with 98% of your daily calories in that; 267% of your saturated fat, 137% salt.  Unbelievable.

I am all about personal responsibility.  I think we should all take responsibility for our own lives but there are some things which just take it too far.

That is most definitely not eating like you love yourself and we need to wake up and look at pictures like the above and see what it will do to our body.  I was talking to a microbiologist recently who told me that the human samples he hated testing weren't urine but blood taken from a person who'd just eaten a large fatty meal.  He said you could see the fat settling on the surface.  That is what we're pumping around our bodies.  Stop it.  Please stop it.  This is not funny, this is grotesque.


  1. ha this is more like eating like you've just split up with your teenage crush!
    Thanks for linking up with #WeekendBlogHop!

  2. Why would any want to eat that? And why would any company add it to their menu?


  3. Couldn't agree more with your sentiments. Yuck, feels like a publicity stunt too and so sad that people might actually eat this #blowyourownbloghorn

    1. Total publicity stunt which I've now encouraged but it just made me sick.

  4. I've seen pictures similar to that in the past and they always turn my stomach. With all that we know about food today, how could someone feed that to their child? Incredulous!


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