Sunday, 28 February 2016

Citrus Fruit Salad

I filled in a questionnaire recently on the health of my diet; I realised that although I try to eat a healthy, varied diet, like any of us, I occasionally get stuck in a rut.  It occurred to me that despite loving citrus fruits, I rarely ate them.

Prompted by a trip to the supermarket with my son, I decided to make this simple fruit salad.  We decided to buy a fruit or vegetable we didn't normally buy, he chose a pomelo.  I'd never tried pomelo before and we tried it and it was delicious.  It has a very thick skin which needs cutting off but the flesh takes like firm, less bitter, sweeter grapefruit.

Red and pink grapefruits are also naturally more sweet than the yellow variety meaning this needs no sweetening.  A super healthy dessert or light breakfast.

Citrus fruit salad - Serves 1


Pomelo (you will use about a quarter to a third)
One sweet orange
A red or pink grapefruit (you will use about half of a large one)


Cut the skin off the fruits by cutting either end with a serrated knife then cutting down the sides of the fruit.  There is a youtube video here showing you how to do this; the principle is the same for all the fruits, just the pomelo skin is really thick.

Repeat with the pomelo, orange and grapefruit, mix in a bowl and serve your bowl of vitamin C rich goodness!

So why not just eat an orange?  Is it really worth it cutting up fruit or preparing it in a different way?  It might sound ridiculous but, yes it is.  When I was weaning with my son, he would sometimes refuse a certain fruit or vegetable.  One of the ways I'd get him to try something again would be to offer it cut up or cooked in a different way, it wasn't tricking him, just offering something which felt a bit different.

Surely this doesn't work on adults?  Yes it does.  The way an ingredient is cut can not just affect the appearance but also how easily the flavour is released.  People are doing this all the time now, look at spiralised vegetables or cauliflower rice?  Ok forget cauliflower rice, it's rubbish.

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