Thursday, 6 August 2015

Peach Breakfast

It feels like months since I started eating yogurt for breakfast, not in a bad way, but it would seem very unusual for me now to grab a bowl of cereal or toast most days.  Now I start my 5 (or 7) a day with the first meal of the day.

Sadly though it won't be long before the days are noticeably shorter and strawberries are already disappearing from the shelves or harder, less sweet fruits are being sold in decreasing punnets for increasing prices.

Moving with the seasons, we are in prime peach time for the UK.  I'd never tried doughnut peaches before but with their almost perfumed flavour, this is a delightful way to start the morning.  You could substitute regular peaches, nectarines or other stone fruit.

Peach Breakfast Bowl - Serves 1


2 ripe doughnut peaches (or 1 regular large peach)
100-150g, 4-5oz Full fat Greek Yogurt or strained yogurt
A small handful of almonds
2 tsp runny honey


Cut the peach into wedges cutting out the stone and put on top of the yogurt in the bowl.

If you're not so keen on the peach skin you can peel this off fairly easily from regular peaches (I wouldn't try peeling doughnut peaches).  Cut into the peach till you reach the stone, then cut a wedge shape by making another cut a few degrees round.  This wedge should come away from the stone fairly easily.  Grab the end of the skin by the tip of one end of the wedge using a knife and thumb and peel back.  If it's ripe it will peel off.

Cut the almonds into rough shards, sprinkle on top and finish with the honey.

There is something so obvious but harmonious about pairing peaches with almonds as they are related to each other, yet in the mouth there is some kind of remembered association that makes the flavours match so well.


  1. Wonderful breakfast! A couple of times each summer our green grocer gets in local peaches that were picked ripe off the tree. They actually taste like peaches and are soft and juicy, not crunchy like apples. Then I'm in heaven and could eat them all day long.

    Years ago, when we had a peach tree, every September I got to each peaches and cream for breakfast every day. I made my own yogurt then too, but I was skinny and terribly self-indulgent!

    1. You know, I don't think the evidence is really there that high fat dairy is all that bad, it's incredibly satisfying and has some nutritional benefits (e.g. fat soluble vitamins and calcium). There is a school of thought that people who eat full fat yogurt are actually less likely to be obese!


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