Tuesday, 29 July 2014

One is the loneliest number?

Like many people in the UK, eating and cooking alone is something I am doing more than ever before.  Due to shifting work patterns, time pressures, differing likes and dislikes and the breakdown of the traditional family unit, this is becoming more common.

I never used to understand how people could struggle to find time or effort to cook for one.  When I was at university, I relished the challenge of cooking alone.  Although my Mum taught me how to cook, trying things out without worrying about someone else not liking it was how I developed my cooking style and love for food.

Now, (a few too many) years later, I find cooking for myself sometimes difficult, sometimes a chore.  It's another thing on my list of 'to do's.  One day, after cooking a tray of oven chips with mayonnaise for my tea (yes, really), I had a word with myself.  I used to have a blog, devising recipes for my young son and found it a great way to expand the food he liked to eat.  I love cooking for others and it's the way I show my love.  I realised, in a moment, that I needed to eat like I loved myself.  Would I cook oven chips and mayo for my son?  No.  Is it a nutritiously balanced meal?  No.  Does it even taste all that nice?  Not really.  I like mayo and all but there are better foods in the world.  So if it's not good enough for someone I love, it's not good enough for me.

So that day, I went to the supermarket on my way home and bought some fantastically reduced steak, fried it and had it with salad.  A meal in 10 minutes at the most and a great source of iron and vitamin C.  What's more, I ate it and felt good about my body and good about my soul.

Steak for one

So my blog, my new blog, is all about you, you know who you are.  The person who doesn't have time to cook.  You, the person who doesn't take care of themselves, who will slave for hours over a child's birthday cake to grab a disappointing sandwich later.  You, the person who eats your child's leftovers.  You, the person who works till 9pm at night then grabs a McDonalds on the way home because it feels like it's too late to cook.  Let's just love ourselves a bit more?  We are worth so much more than that.

My manifesto is Eat Like You Love Yourself. Come and join me...


  1. Really looking forward to your recipes. I read your other blog, but this one is far more applicable to me! I eat well at university, but I'm just started a full-time job and am really struggling to keep it up...have spent today making and freezing some meals, so fingers crossed this and your recipes will help!


    1. Thanks Chloe, I remember you commenting on Mamacook! I made a beef brisket chilli a couple of months back and it feels a bit like I've been eating chilli forever. Unfortunately I don't have quite so much freezer space as I used to so I have to be careful about how many freezer portions I make but definitely using my freezer will be part of this.

      I was looking through one of my recipe books the other day trying to find something good just for me and one recipe I liked the look of was for 10! I mean who cooks for 10?! It's hard to scale down recipes from 4 but from 10 it was ridiculous.

      I hope you enjoy. I also found I ate well at university then lost my spark when I started working once I left shared houses. I think the tiredness takes over and it seems an effort 'just' for one. I'm aiming to do as many quick recipes as possible to keep things easy.

      Good luck in the new job!

  2. I love the concept of this blog! I most often cook for myself, even though I still have a 20-something kid living in the basement. I decided a while ago that I am worth cooking for! I'm glad you have too, and look forward to following along. :)

  3. Finally got the chance to have a proper nose around your new blog! Am (obviously) liking all the veggie stuff! (the saag paneer is on the meal plan for next week)

    When I cooking for one, I find salads, soups & pasta are where I head, always making enough for two meals & popping the other portion in the fridge/freezer for an almost effortless meal another day.

    1. Thanks Bessie! I'm finding it strange how much I gravitate towards vegetables when eating alone too!

  4. i dont have a blog myself so cant follow you, but i came across your blog and have just read the whole thing this evening! i think your blog is fantastic and lovely to read, i cant wait to try out some of your recipes :) i live on my own and want to start cooking good food for myself, so happy i found your blog!

    1. Oh wow, thank you!

      If you do want to follow my blog you can also follow by email (see the box on the right) or "like" my facebook page: Eat Like You Love Yourself Facebook Page


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