Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Raspberry Ripple Breakfast

Quark is soft cheese, normally found in a very low fat form which is high in protein.  The pack I have contains >10% protein but <0.5% fat.  This makes it a really satisfying ingredient which helps you feel full while not making you lose out on it's delicious creaminess.

I love quark but I have to admit I'd forgotten about it as an ingredient for a while.  It tastes a bit like a mixture between thick greek yogurt and cream cheese and can be used in some recipes for either.  It's just one of those ingredients though which tastes really naughty but isn't.  Don't you love those?

This is great as a breakfast as I've suggested or alternatively as a light dessert.

Raspberry Ripple Breakfast - Serves 1


125g, 4oz Raspberries (you could use frozen, defrosted raspberries if liked)
1 rounded tsp Vanilla sugar (or use regular sugar)
125g, 4oz Quark
Small handful of flaked almonds


Crush most of the raspberries with a fork and the sugar.  (Save a few for decoration if liked.)  Blob the quark into a bowl with blobs of the raspberry puree.

Swirl together and top with the reserved raspberries and almonds.  Serve.

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