Sunday, 27 March 2016

Recipes I go back to again and again

I used to have a blog called "Mamacook" which was intended to have recipes for babies and toddlers.  As my son grew up, his diet was wider than many adults so it became difficult to come up with specific "kids" recipes.  I always liked making recipes which appealed to me anyway and these are some which I still love to cook, often just for me.

I hope you enjoy these tried and tested recipes as much as I do.

The first recipe I'm going to share with you is my son's favourite dish; minestrone soup.  Ok, the alphabet pasta isn't exactly grown up but it is full of massive flavours.

Weetabix cake is a bit of fun.  Ok, it contains a bit of fibre but it's still cake and it's also delicious.

Pot Roast is a fantastic way of eating beef with massive flavour but for half the price of a joint for fast roasting.  

The ultimate 10 minute recipe which is great for kids but also for nibbly adults is sweetcorn fritters.  I love them dunked into sweet chilli sauce (my son goes for ketchup).  Talking of kiddy recipes, carrot and swede puree is also absolutely delicious.  I keep thinking of posher ways to serve it up, maybe with some seared scallops and crispy bacon or ham?

Still thinking comfort food; fruit cobbler is delicious and one I love to cook.  Kicking myself for not making it today, I mean how good does that look?

I probably make this goats cheese frittata once a month, probably too much for my son but I'm a little bit in love with goats cheese with it's salty tangyness.

More goats cheese...

But there is a natural affinity for cheese and walnuts that just works in this goats cheese salad.  It is officially "yum".

Chicken and mushroom pie is a delicious way to use up leftovers.

Spicy baked chicken is a great "throw it in the oven" dish.

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