Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Green Bean and Crayfish Pasta

I love including a vegetable into pasta or rice dishes.  Rather than going for something wacky like cauliflower rice, which, let's face it, doesn't taste like rice, why not bulk out your starches with a vegetable?  I often put peas into rice and this pasta dish is no exception.  The quantity of pasta is quite small but that's because I've used green beans to bulk it out.

Of course your tastebuds aren't fooled that the green beans are really pasta (but why would you want them to when green beans taste so great?)  What it does is make the plate look like a big portion while only using 50g of dried pasta.  Result!

Green beans and crayfish pasta - serves 1


50g, Just over 1.5oz dried pasta of your choice, I used linguine
60g, 2oz Green beans
1 tsp Extra virgin olive oil
1 Clove garlic, crushed
100g, 4oz Cooked, peeled crayfish
A squeeze of lemon juice
Seasoning to taste


Boil the pasta following pack instructions.  My linguine only takes 6 minutes to cook making this a super fast recipe.  When there is 5 minutes left of the cooking time, add the green beans to the pasta water.

While the pasta is cooking, warm the garlic in the oil until starting to fry gently but not browning.  Add in the crayfish and turn down the heat so they just warm through.  Add the lemon juice and parsley.

Drain the pasta and beans and mix the crayfish into the pasta with salt to taste.  Serve.

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