Monday, 13 March 2017

Day 6 of 10 a day


Learning from my experience so far, I went all out for 3 portions today.  80g pineapple, 120g melon (which still only counts as one portion) and 40g each of strawberries and grapes.  Surprisingly filling and satisfying and exactly what I wanted today.


Despite the fruit filling me I still needed a mid morning snack of raisins but another towards my 10 a day.


My son decided he'd like a roast chicken.  After yesterday's vegetarian day, having some meat was a very welcome idea.  Instead of mashed or roast potatoes though I made carrot and swede puree with half and half carrot and swede.  The chicken and pigs in blankets was served with the puree (2 portions), green beans (1 portion) and cauliflower (1 portion) making a massive and filling 4 portions for lunch.  Amazingly after lunch, I'd already munched my way through 8 portions!


I made slow cooked Chinese pork which I served with a cucumber and sugar snap pea salad.  (Also I had cheesecake afterwards but that was just pure naughtiness and no fruits or vegetables.  Still 10 portions achieved and more protein than previous days.

So how did I do?
Breakfast - 3 portions
Snack - 1 portion
Lunch - 4 portions
Dinner - 2 portions
Total - 10 portions (4 fruits, 6 vegetables)

I hope you will join me in my journey, I will keep you posted by the day on how it's going and put links below so you can read more about my experience:

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10 a day, what did I learn?

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