Sunday, 12 March 2017

Day 5 of 10 a day

Yesterday was tougher than I expected and part of the reason was starting the day with only one portion at breakfast rather than two.  The key to getting 10 portions in a day is definitely to have no fewer than 2 with every meal, 3 is even better.


Having learned my lesson from yesterday, I started the day with another of my breakfast bowls, this time with strawberries, grapes and walnuts.  A delicious 2 portions.


I snacked healthily today on 40g raw sugar snap peas and 40g cucumber.  Two different vegetables but only 1 portion.


I had a fantastic idea.  I still had some vegan bean chilli in the freezer so put a sweet potato in the oven and I had the most fantastic lunch which was 100% vegetables.  Add some cheese as well if liked and eating dairy.

The portion I had was a quarter of the recipe so it contained half a bell pepper, 100g tomatoes and 160g beans per portion.  So even without thinking about the other vegetables in the recipe, it's definitely 3 portions, with the sweet potato, a mighty 4.  Normally I am a big fan of meat chilli in a jacket potato but by swapping to a sweet potato and a vegetarian chilli, it easily increases the vegetables by 2-3 portions.


I had an afternoon snack of a cereal bar and some raisins, the raisins took me up another portion.


I had this delicious cauliflower and pea curry, a fantastic vegan way to 2 of my 10.

So how did I do?
Breakfast - 2 portions
Snack - 1 portion
Lunch - 4 portions
Snack - 1 portion
Dinner - 2 portions
Total - 10 portions (3 fruits, 7 vegetables)

Interestingly I expected to feel super healthy with this maxed out fruit and vegetable diet.  At the moment on day 5, I don't.  My skin doesn't look great and if anything I feel a little bloated and bunged up (graphic I know).  I will stick with it and see whether it just takes a while for things to settle down.  I think part of it is the sheer quantity in my diet.  It's an awful lot of food eating 10 a day if you're going to eat anything else.

I hope you will join me in my journey, I will keep you posted by the day on how it's going and put links below so you can read more about my experience:

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10 a day, what did I learn?

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