Friday, 26 May 2017

My favourite barbecue recipes

I love a barbecue and as long as you follow barbecue food safety tips, there is no reason why it can't be a delicious and lovely way to eat.  I have been known to even fire up a barbecue just for me because I love them so much.

I am often disappointed though when a barbecue means a burned sausage or a dry as a hockey puck burger.  Barbecues can be so much more delicious and innovative than that!

So here are some of my top tips for barbecue deliciousness!


Lamb tikka is one of my favourite barbecue recipes, as the meat is deliciously spiced and tender.

Duck may not be something you've thought of for a barbecue but the skin and fat keeps it wonderfully moist.


Prawns / shrimp are great on a barbecue.  They cook quickly and put onto skewers it makes them easy to handle like these spicy prawns.

Oily fish are great on a barbecue.  It needs no adornment, something like the sprats above, fresh sardines or mackerel are great just with a squeeze of lemon juice and a sprinkle of coarse sea salt.


Cheese?  On a barbecue?   Yes, apart from adorning your burgers, there are two cheeses which you can grill and they don't melt; halloumi and paneer.

Halloumi is delicious simply grilled with a dressing like with this halloumi and grilled asparagus.

Paneer is an Indian cheese so the obvious place to go is with some spice and these paneer kebabs really are delicious.


Barbecues are so often meat filled affairs but why when vegetables from the barbecue can taste this good?

Why not build your burger around a barbecued mushroom rather than meat?  A slice of Stilton makes the flavours really come out.

Also barbecued sweetcorn is a classic.  I remember having this for the first time in Greece and eating barbecued sweetcorn now just takes me back.  My sister and I still fight over the last one!


Don't forget the side dishes!

This Greek salad takes me back to holidays and is the perfect thing to accompany grilled foods.

If you're cooking something with more of an Asian vibe, this edamame bean salad would be ideal.

So I hope I've convinced you there's far more to a barbecue than a disappointing sausage!

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