Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Baked fish with caper sauce

Was it Delia Smith who said she always liked to have capers in her larder?  You can imagine the gags...  Anyway, I am fairly new to capers (only about 25 years late on this one).  It was one of those things I thought I didn't like until I properly tried them.  If you like olives, pickles that kind of thing you will like capers.

I had a jar in my fridge after making the salsa verde so I decided to include them in this fish dish too, and you know what?  It works.

The prawns aren't vital but make the whole thing seem more special.  I used Basa as the white fish as it's what I had in the freezer and it's a really good thrifty option but any white fish would work.

Baked fish with caper sauce - Serves 1


Approx 100g, 4oz approx white fish fillet

For the sauce
A knob of butter
2 baby plum tomatoes
1 tsp capers
4 raw prawns, (shrimp) deveined
A whole clove garlic
A splash of white wine
1 tsp fresh parsley

Green vegetables to serve (I used green flat beans, tenderstem broccoli and asparagus)


Preheat the oven to 200oC, 400F, Gas Mark 6 and bake the fish wrapped in baking paper or foil for approx 15 minutes or until cooked, cooking time will vary on the fish species and thickness of fillet (or alternatively grill or fry your fish if you prefer).

In the meantime, cook the green vegetables (I boil green vegetables for 5 minutes or you could steam them) and, when the fish is nearly cooked (about 5 minutes left), heat the butter in a frying pan and add the whole peeled clove of garlic and the deveined prawns.  Cook until the prawns are starting to turn pink, then add in a splash of wine.  When the prawns are nearly cooked, take out the garlic, add in the capers and tomatoes and warm through then take off the heat adding in the parsley before serving.

Assemble the dish by putting the green vegetables on the base and topping with the fish followed by the prawn and caper sauce.  The buttery wine juices then run over the vegetables making it all taste yummy!

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  1. I love capers too and always have an open large jar of them in my fridge and another in my cupboard as back up! Capers always make fish taste so much better and I love the sound of your recipe


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