Friday, 8 April 2016

Tomato and Anchovy Salad

This is a very simple starter, side dish or light main course using lovely marinaded anchovies.

I first had anchovies like this in Spain so in my head I always want to call them boquerones (which is just the Spanish for anchovies which isn't very helpful) but they often sell them in deli counters or sometimes in the chill cabinet in film covered trays or small tubs.  Don't buy the anchovies in tins, they're great on a pizza or in pasta, not so good for a salad.

Tomato and Anchovy Salad - Serves 1


Approx 6 small ripe tomatoes
A small handful of flat leaf parsley
Approx 8 Marinaded anchovies
1 tsp White balsamic vinegar or white wine vinegar (and / or extra virgin olive oil, see note)
A large pinch Coarse sea salt


Slice the tomatoes and top with the parsley, almost using it as a salad vegetable rather than a herb. Check your anchovies and maybe taste one to see if they're oily or have vinegar already added. Top with the anchovies then with vinegar if your anchovies are quite oily as mine were or with a bit of vinegar and oil or just oil if they are more vinegary.

Add some coarsely ground sea salt and serve.

This would be great with some tapas dishes like some Spanish ham, some patatas bravas and some prawns:

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  1. I love this fresh and delicious salad. Thanks for sharing at Simply Natural Saturdays. I will be featuring your salad tomorrow - looking forward to what you'll be sharing this weekend.


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