Friday 26 December 2014

Highlights of Eat Like You Love Yourself 2014

Eat Like You Love Yourself was my new blog for 2014.  It has been a busy and enjoyable year.  I wanted to share my highlights of this year.

My blog Eat Like You Love Yourself was born out of eating regularly on my own, cooking regularly for one and never eating the foods that made me feel good physically or emotionally.  When I sat down and thought about it, cooking well for one wasn't difficult and oven chips with mayonnaise was not a meal.

So I started to try and eat more healthily and in a way which fits in with my busy lifestyle as a working mother.  Here are some of my highlights so far.

My favourite 10 minute recipe

My blog has always been about good food fast.  Sticky peanuts and chicken is one of my favourite recipes.  A delicious and fantastically quick meal.  Described as an "amazing recipe" by one reader.  That didn't half make me smile!

My favourite spicy dish

Thai Yellow Curry, delicious and so fast.  Because you can make the paste and freeze it, it's even quicker the second time you make it.

My favourite meat recipe

I love this oxtail dish.  I'd never been bothered by oxtail before but leaving it on the bone and having a really reduced, sticky sauce made it.  There is a different texture in a sauce made from meat cooked on the bone, I suspect it's the gelatine but it gives a different mouth feel, coating and delicious.

My favourite side dish

Ok, I have to be honest, I as often eat this broccoli, bean and chorizo dish as a main course because I love my vegetables and my chorizo!

Favourite fish dish

Making Hollandaise for one with baked salmon was a real labour of love.  But it was so good I've made it again and again.

Favourite pudding

Memories of first flirtations, first plane journey alone and a time which changed my outlook on life.  All wrapped up in clafoutis.

Favourite lunch

My most viewed recipe is probably the simplest.  This great and spicy layered Mexican salad.  Fantastic and healthy.  Gluten free, oil free dressing and full of flavour.

Favourite food photo

I've been really trying with composition and backgrounds with my blog and trying to find my style.  This photo of Alcohol Free Mulled Wine is one of my favourites.  I went overboard with the photos on that post because there were so many photos I liked.  Not always a problem I can assure you!

Favourite vegetarian

I love paneer in curries, it adds a fantastic texture so that you don't miss meat (whether your a vegetarian or not).

Favourite cheap dish

Cauliflower cheese is pretty easy and cheap as chips to make.  I also just love this picture.

If you're new to "Eat Like You Love Yourself" I hope this little round up of this year's recipes has been a good introduction and I hope it encourages you to eat better food because let's face it, if you were cooking for a loved one, chips and mayo isn't what you'd cook is it?

Here's to a healthy and loving 2015!


  1. Wow, I love all your food photos. They are making me hungry!!! I've just recently got into cooking myself and now, with a one year old baby, I've decided to eat healthier too instead of the usual junk food I love :P

    1. Oh wow, thank you. You might want to check out my old blog Mamacook as well. It has good weaning and early years recipes on it. I will post a link here when I remember how to do it but if you search for "Mamacook" on google, it comes up.


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